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tv   [untitled]    March 6, 2012 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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mr. well back to the big picture i'm so arbonne coming up in this half hour the exodus of advertisers from the limbaugh empire continues to grow much more packed l.
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rushed back also the united nations has launched a new initiative how do they hope to spur economic development across the globe and in its daily take what's so super about today anyway. and about the rest of the news if you listen very carefully you can hear a giant sucking sound of the ad revenue leading the rush limbaugh show nearly a week after rush limbaugh began his vicious sexist attacks against georgia law georgetown law student sandra fluke as many as thirty companies have pulled their ads from his radio show to radio stations have taken rush of the air as favor ability ratings among poor listeners who wanted it so fresh hope is not apology on saturday would have closed the book on what gate he thought wrong then again he's not exactly helping his case as he made another disparaging remark about women
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today on his radio show referring to author tracy mcmillan who recently wrote a book on the american food system. what is it with all of these young single white women over educated doesn't mean intelligent just get help and meanwhile during a press conference today president obama was asked to weigh in on rush's attacks against us as it is and here's what he said. i thought about malia and sasha and one of the things i want them to do as they get older is to engage in. issues they care about even ones i may not agree with them on i want them to be able to speak their mind in a civil and thoughtful way. and i don't want them attacked. or called. horrible names because they're being good citizens now media watchdog groups like media
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matters as well as several other words asians are calling for a boycott of the rush limbaugh show doesn't look like this is going away any time soon in fact it may just be getting started joining me now is peter williams in iraq war veteran who is calling for the american forces network to join the boycott and drop drop the rush limbaugh show killer welcome thank you so much for having me i should say by way of disclosure that my radio program is that was part of my radio program or that is is carried on american forces radio as is rush limbaugh's . in light of his comments what are you exactly asking if i'm to do i think that they should stop carrying his program i no problem with the fact that they have you and conservative commentators a pariah b. of people representing the political spectrum but for somebody like rush to spew that's hype of vitriol and hatred and to disparage women who use birth control which so many of us do for so many reasons is absolutely unacceptable and starts to
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really tear at the fabric of what makes the military so great which is to respect one another. and have found is that a very good job of balancing pretty much fifty fifty there right i don't have any they have shall have both sides which is what they should do and but but specifically are you suggesting that he should be pulled permanently or over a short period of time of a kind of a punishment thing i mean. dropped this word on his radio program a couple months ago when he took a week off both radio and television as a consequence of that in my opinion i mean do you know bill i don't think so i don't think he is redeemable to assume that all women who use birth control to call us all sluts is absolutely beyond the pale i for example used birth control by i was deployed to iraq so that i could control my cycle there are certain hygiene issues one doesn't want to deal with in a. and storm and for my fellow soldiers to hear and it's suggestions that i'm
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a slut just because i want to be able to do the best that i can on my missions is absolutely unacceptable that is and the other thing the the. and perhaps and i don't mean this in his defense but there was a story on one of the right wing blogs one of the more popular right wing news news sites that went on at length about how i was under a flux testimony had been about how she wanted to have sex that she wanted to you know i mean literally saying that these things that were not true she never talked about her own sex life for all we know she's never had a sex life i mean she just doesn't never a topic of discussion but this report reported bits and it seems like from what i read that as i read these women and it seems like that's a little pick that up and he actually believes this stuff at this point it seems like he doesn't believe it anymore. or do you think that this was just
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a stepping off point for him into massaging i don't think this is a stepping off point for him in the massaging i think this is a continuation of a long history of his massaging his dick statements and and others statements that he has a history of making not supporting the troops if they aren't as conservative as he is and it's just it's not the type of environment that i think is conducive to building the camaraderie that is so important to our troops kill thanks so much for being with us thank you for having a cruise ship here very much for more of russia's hate speech toward women and the debate on access to contraceptives in america i want to turn it over to new york where conservative commentator david selig is standing by to offer his take david welcome. it's always a pleasure it's great to see you so why do you hate prostitutes. the issue isn't about prostitutes and i would like to say you know i believe in free discourse and free speech and i think this rush limbaugh is being villainize
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for political purposes i only hope the media does not raise this woman out the same way they did that poor cindy sheehan and then just throw her away when they no longer need her that would be the cruelest irony of all david isn't this process is advertisers pulling ads from limbaugh's show and stations dropping him isn't that basically the marketplace that you profess to love so much and it's and was even called there right when he said that limbaugh only apologized to keep his advertisers thus proving that rush will do anything with his mouth for cash. no and i have to tell you i predict this is actually going to be a bump for mr limbaugh i myself am considering advertising on his program it's a great program it's informative it's fast moving but you know what is so startled that our president the commander in chief had the time to take away from his busy schedule to capitalize on this nonsense he calls this woman
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up and he sympathizes with her in this light fraudulent display of sisterly solidarity you know how he was by the way he was he said interaction he said you know as the father of two daughters he was he was concerned about this you know let's let's look at the issue here you know lives free speech if he agrees with it there's no this whole thing if you guess what this whole thing happened david because this was the this hearing was held and there were no women testifying about contraception or religious freedom either one apparently women. as mine don't have the right to speak on either of those issues. if a religious entity wants to enter the realm of the business world and provide insurance to their employees should require the same rules of businesses the rest of you know secular businesses have to. know we have to be respective of the catholic and jewish entities the same way we are bending over backwards for islam
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even though our commander in chief is declaring war on them so you don't you support her in a lot of workplace. no i don't what i do that's what you just said when this case is no that's not what i said and i'd like to say another thing as far as this chilling effect that it's going to have on free speech if you would see what some a small percentage of your viewing audience write about me online it's outrageous and i'm not crying foul i accept it because i have put myself into this forum in other words i'm trying to connect with your viewing audience and speaking about things that they may not agree with and i don't carry on and say they shouldn't say that this young lady put herself in the forum come what may seem as if knowledge that. she has you know she's a big girl she can take it i mean is that she's not made this about her come away in any kind of shades and she's whining and doing this tour or she's on the view
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she's carrying on and i'm telling it at the end of this rainbow the minute she falls out of favor they will just serve the curb like so much trash it will be like cindy sheehan why aren't why isn't the left trotting her out again because president bush is not in office and this administration is killing various people and engaging in all the same nonsense but it's just that it's their guy is in office so it's very time we're told this is wrong to attack poor rush limbaugh ok we'll see how this all plays out david thank you for dropping by. saying this. is despite a history of making sexist racist and downright outrageous remarks and getting away with it rush may have finally jumped the shark on this one let's hope so.
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it's the good the bad of a very very odd road show he has gusts lee ugly good alabama state representative daniel baldwin coleman introduced a resolution alabama's how's that mocks republican backed job creation efforts in that state the resolution jokes that scientists will soon grow money on trees and goes on to claim that large class sizes in schools are good for students seeking to make more friends but also argues that alabama's children should be helping our economy by work eat and not learning useless skills like reading writing and arithmetic that are completely on essential today's economy and conservatives it is legislation that does nothing to help society sometimes you just have to laugh it off and make some fun of it on your representative on the bat and romney the wife of presidential candidate romney was asked by fox news's neil cavuto yesterday about her family's reputation as being out of touch with a majority of americans in attempting to answer the question the only help to
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further the stigma toward her husband she told kudo we could be poor in spirit i don't even consider myself wealthy. i wonder how you struggle to pay the bills in spirit or have nightmares about losing your home in spirit it really is scary sometimes out of touch the romneys are with the people that they hope to be leading . and the very very ugly. pat robertson the television a rationalist added his two cents yesterday on to why a string of tornadoes ravaged the midwest last friday take a listen. why the bill houses in a place where tornadoes are apt to happen if enough people pray he will interview you could pray go jesus still the storm you could still still rather than discuss ways to help and support those whose lives were destroyed by tornadoes robertson chose to add fuel to the fire and that was very very. i mean up and tonight's daily take why even superman couldn't put the super pac and super tuesday.
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we just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old like this you know the truth. i mean i am going to get it and i like rap and hip hop music and. he was kind of yesterday. i'm very proud of the world without you it's a place. you
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know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture . the first.
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we talk a lot of the show about the need to create a new economy no longer based on corporate capitalism but instead on a new form of capitalism a whopper of capitalism in fact just last week i did a deal the takeover and the united nations apparently agrees the united nations has launched a new initiative for two thousand and twelve declaring it the year of the co-op using a theme of cooperative enterprises build a better world un hopes to encourage the growth and establishment of cooperated across the globe that international body is urging nations to promote cooperatives
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and raise awareness of their benefits and contributions to society joining me now to discuss more about the co-op initiative it's betsy driven director of policy for the united nations international cooperative alliance betsey welcome thank you so much name right yes so good where did this u.n. effort to promote co-ops come from this is so great it actually started with mongolia having an interest in cooperative say they have quite a quite a few cooperatives that have a real passion for it and back in two thousand and nine they marshalled resources and actually got a unanimous vote in the general assembly which is hard to come by as you can imagine anything in the ga that would be unanimous calling for an international year of cooperatives so that's this year at this launched end of october and it will run until next time there's a lot of cooperate or started because somebody had a great idea and they just did it and some of them are started out of desperation i
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was in argentina in two thousand and one when the when the economy had collapsed and workers were occupying factories and many of those are now run as cooperate school owners and flood capital of flood what's the state of cooperate is around the world and how do most of them come into being i think it depends as you've pointed out. what what generates them may be different circumstances but what holds true with all cooperatives is really a leitmotif if you will principles that all cooperative share their own by the members it's a voluntary membership there's education and training which is very important there is a sense of community cooperatives give back to the community those are just some of the values that are inherent where you could be in argentina you could be in the u.k. you could be in the u.s. but principles there's
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a set group of principles that cooperatives and here too and. these cooperate if principles not only guide them but in times of challenge they help sort out the problems for example. cooperatives keep their autonomy they may enter into agreements they need enter into agreements with governments in fact but at the end of the day they remain autonomy it's one of their principles there are worker own co-ops and member own co-ops so a credit union or in most people's local health food stores member own co-ops were as cab company or a pencil manufacturing in wisconsin or worker on co-ops one of the numbers for those of us who were watching i don't really have the specific numbers we do know that there are over a billion people involved in cooperate in the world right now which is unbelievable
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and also cooperatives in a way are best kept secret because cooperatives are a bit like the riddle of the blind man with the elephant. in that story of course the blind man touches a part of the elephant and knows only that part. of food cooperative or you may have banked at a credit union but you may not know that there are housing corporative and electrical cooperatives there are cultural cooperatives artistic cooperatives it really runs the gamut there are dog walking cooperatives and baby sitting like this and more so it's. really to get a handle on the total number is is quite a challenge but we do know somewhere around a billion people are involved with cooperatives extraordinary that's it thanks so much for you so much and thanks for the great work you're doing and spreading the good word it's really important stuff like.
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this might be super tuesday but there's nothing super about the republican candidates running for president in fact there's nothing super about the republican party any more thanks to the. this primary season forty percent of americans say they have a less favorable view of the republican party than before the primaries began well what else do you expect when the candidates are forced to actually publicly reveal the republican agenda which means fighting to be the number one guy to take away contraceptives from women the number one guy to deny food stamps to struggling families but never one guy to cut taxes for the super rich while jacking them up on working people because it's a primary this isn't a raise to appeal to the broad majority of americans it's a race to appeal to the most selfish most bigoted or most greedy among the republican base voters that's why today in every hypothetical match up with republican candidates president obama is projected to win in
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a landslide be romney by six points paul by eight points in far by fourteen points and gingrich by seventeen points and that of course is why the republican establishment. and they want mitt romney to be the guy as soon as possible and they want this very revealing primary season to be locked away in history books so no more voters will be exposed to the real republican agenda they want to get back to claiming that they really love social programs and paul ryan's plan to privatizing medicare was actually a wonderful thing for all people. and after the votes are counted to probably get what they want and mitt romney will once again look like the inevitable nominee and quit talking about letting people die with lack of health care or taking away food stamps but instead how much mitt loves social security and medicare he has to do that soon after getting beat up for several months right now mitt romney's approval
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rating is at just twenty eight percent president obama is it fifty percent if he does go on to win the nomination mitt romney will have the lowest approval rating of any nominee in modern history the only republican close to run in ratings was bob dole but a favor ability rating of thirty five percent in one thousand nine hundred six and we all know that didn't work out all that great for the grand old party but there's a big difference between mitt romney and bob dole and that's that mitt romney has a whole army of millionaires and billionaires bank stirrers oil barons and corporate c.e.o.'s behind him financing his campaign bob dole didn't have the bob dole couldn't even legally have we've seen this play out over and over again last few months candidates who have no business even being on a ballot alone being
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a front runner for president of propped up by their own daddy warbucks rick santorum was nothing until his wall street billionaire foster friess came along to write million dollar checks literally. newt gingrich was done until his billionaire sheldon adelson came along with his hong kong can see no fortune rick perry was nothing until his billionaire texas oil barons and wal-mart heirs came along. the difference between mitt romney and those guys is that mitt romney just has a heck of a lot more millionaires and billionaires on his side it's really that simple and eventually when the deep pockets behind santorum and gingrich realize that their investments are going sour and they're going to jump ship and join romney too so this really has nothing to do with favor ability ratings it doesn't even have much to do with voters this has to do with corporate cash and who has the most of it and is willing to throw it into a presidential election and all that's always been the republicans thing corporate
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cash ever since the watergate scandal there have been laws in place to diminish the power of billionaires and transnational corporations in our politics until the supreme court ruled them up in january of two thousand and ten with its citizens united case and the american people get it that no matter how much the republicans may want to serve the corporate powers that be this is no way to run a democracy today in more than fifty towns across from our citizens took up the movement to get money out of politics and overturn citizens united it was vermont's town meeting day to day a two hundred year old tradition that allows reminders from around the state together and talk about and vote on issues that bay feel are most important to not just their town or their state but even the nation as a whole this is been going on for more than two centuries and this year the issue that's at the proper of the list is citizens united for moderates voted today to
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send a message to their congressional delegation to overturn citizens united and clear that corporations are not people that money is property and not speech and end of corporate buyout of our democracy. as one of the authors of this resolution bill butler from jericho vermont said is there are put these together i think you have the beginning of the most dynamic political movement in this country it's because people are realizing they have to do it and they have to do it now this is movement politics at its best it never starts in washington d.c. it starts in the towns and cities all across the united states will bounce or built locally and they catch fire and when their voice gets loud enough and when the parade gets big enough then a politician will run out in front and carry a flag and say hey this is my parade so bring the movement the parade to your town or city go to move to amend or and free speech for people. and make sure that
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our democracy is not stolen by the fat cats favorite candidate ever again because this is the essence of american democracy that we the people speak and i think the billionaires speak with this is something that thomas jefferson way back in seventy nine he said you know wrote one of his letters to john adams he wrote i rely on the people not the rich for the future of this country. this is the history of this country teddy roosevelt in one thousand and seven the republican to roosevelt pass in the tillman ag making it a felony for big corporations to give money to politicians a felony that's the law that got overturned by citizens united the supreme court says that we're just going to pull this thing away we're going to do away with. they say oh you know this is a spree if you remember when john roberts was sworn in or was you know being interviewed before the son of the same sandal you know which is going to call balls and strikes we're just going to do very you know small very carefully calibrated
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things. these guys overturn a law passed in one thousand seven that's not more than one hundred years ago talk about syria decides it's talk about blowing up that historic foundations of american democracy we need to get back to the idea that corporations are not people money is not speech as i said go to move to amend or and for more information that that's the big picture for tonight for more information of the stories we covered visit our website to tom hartman dot com free speech dot org dot com also check out our two youtube channel so there are links to tom hartman dot com this entire show is also available as a free video podcast on i tunes and you can visit thom hartmann dot com to download a daily podcast of our daily noon to three radio show which will be moving to three to six pm starting next week monday march twelfth you can send us feedback on twitter at tom others who are open on facebook at tom underscore harben blogs message boards and telephone comment line at tom harkin dot com and don't forget to mock receive begins with you get out there and get active your it sooner.
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wealthy british scientists are. sometimes excited for. fall. markets finiteness come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mikes cars are fun no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to comes a report on our keep. the fucks. up the sec.
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